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Between February and March 2020, I stayed in the Philippines for a short-term study abroad program. During the program, I visited Cebu Kendo Club for three days and did kendo with Filipino kendo players.

I was surprised and so impressed by their positive and sincere attitude toward kendo. For example, their moves were very graceful, and they always respected their opponents. Moreover, they faced themselves seriously and made continuous efforts. I felt that they were more polite than the Japanese counterparts, which reminded me of the sincere attitude I had toward kendo when I started it and enabled me to heartily enjoy the martial art. They called me “sempai” and asked me for some pieces of advice. They seriously listened to me although my English was very poor. Consequently, I gained confidence and confirmed that kendo is a very good character-building activity. They also often talked to me and helped me even when we were not practicing kendo, which I truly appreciated.
These experiences led me to understand kokenchiai, which means to understand each other and improve ourselves through kendo. Although it was a short visit, I was able to spend a very valuable time. With the precious experiences in mind, I will strive to be good at both studies and martial arts.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Ogawa (Doshisha Kendo Club coach), Mr. Shinohara (Doshisha Woman’s Kendo Club coach), Mr. Akimoto for inviting me to Cebu Kendo Club, and all the Filipino kendo players I met there. I am thankful to everybody. Salamat po.







(報告者:同志社大学体育会剣道部2回生 本田倭子)

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