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水久保 太一(みずくぼ たいち)

水久保 太一(みずくぼ たいち)

【高校実績】大阪高等学校剣道新人大会 個人ベスト8、インターハイ予選個人3位


【NAME】Taichi Mizukubo
【Faculty】Faculty of Economics
【grade of kendo】3rd DAN
【hobby】Mahjong,Watching movie
Hello everyone!My name is Taichi!
Nice to meet you.
First of all,I think UK is very wonderful!UK’slandscape and culture are very beautiful.
I would like to know more about the UK and do kendo with you.
I cannot wait to see you all!
Please get along well.
And I would like you to know about Japan and Japanese Kendo.
Please ask me anything about Japan and Japanese Kendo.
Thank you!!

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