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久保 公緒(くぼ きみお)

久保 公緒(くぼ きみお)



【NAME】Kimio Kubo
【Faculty】Life of Medical Science
【the next stage of education】Laboratory of Bio Material
【grade of kendo】3rd DAN
【hobby】Fishing, movie appreciation and Football
Hello! UK’s Kendo Players! Nice to meet you! First of all, I’m grateful that you have given me this kind of opportunity. I hope that I’ll teach my skills to everyone even a little. And I also want to learn various things from everyone. I want to study the UK’s culture such as the meal or history as well as kendo practice because such an experience is never again. Then I want to make as many friends as possible. Even though I’m not good as English as a whole, I’ll be happy if I can deepen the understanding between us.
Well, I’m really looking forward to meeting UK’s everyone! Thank you in advance!


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